Services - Warehousing



With our wholly owned and operated fleet of equipments containing Trucks (20 ft length), Trailers & Containers (20 and 40 Ft length) Mobile SWL Cranes (20 to 75 MT capacity) Forklifts and such other cargo handling equipments, we are well positioned to offer excellent Transportation and Warehousing services expeditiously.

We also own and operate three (3) major warehousing facilities to serve you better. One within city limits and the other 2 just outside for strategically positioning for the consolidation of cargo shipments for Import and Export purposes. This will clearly indicate our strength in the total Transportation and Warehousing Operations to serve you with commitment.

Whether you are planning to build a comprehensive international supply chain, or simply needing to manage a seasonal inventory upsurge, we can help. We have more than two million square meters of strategically sited storage distribution centers and consolidation centers, designed to support a wide range of different industries.

The value of the service we offer goes beyond inventory management and beyond supply chain visibility. Strategic location means our warehouses and distribution centers are near to major ports or hub operations. They are part of a carefully planned network that can best meet our customers'cross-border transport needs, their just-in-time manufacturing requirements, their final mile delivery, their after sales logistics or their reverse logistics.

We provide bonded and highly specialized warehousing as part of an integrated clean room or temperature controlled supply chain. And, of course, a whole range of value added services for manufacturers and retailers.